There’s no need to read all the other good or bad points if the firearm won’t deliver with its primary task. Calling it your go-to gun over all others? Wildcats? At 50 yards, the difference in wind drift (from 2 m.p.h. I had issues with a 20moa EGW base on my 10 FLCP-K, it was wanting to roll/cant to the side. Hornady V-Max Moly downrange. and 6.5mm Creedmoor. Type                                                                             Average 5 shot radius. Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision fore stock (image courtesy JWT for At 100 yards it was literally a 6 inch shot group. You’ll notice that they’re two-stage triggers, they’re reliable and… they cost $300 and up. 1-33. In fact, I spent about two and a half hours during this test behind the controls with no issues. For some reason I can’t reply to uncommon sense, but our local ace hardware carries gun screws. Get it by Christmas - order by 12/15. He gave it to me for my 12th b-day in ’77. Whereas I can do about forty rounds with my little Ruger Mark II before I throw in the towel, I had no problem slinging hundreds of rounds downrange with the Savage. It is offered in 243, 6.5 Creedmor, and 260Rem. This is my first time spending any significant time behind an AccuTrigger and I was definitely pleased. The bolt never had any issue pushing the round from the magazine. It’s not easy to carry, and it’s not easy to shoot extended strings off-hand. A good, rigid stock, accurate barrel, and a great trigger, all at a very reasonable price. Our Varmint Series combines the full suite of Savage® accuracy features for unfailing performance and precision. That is a HUGE difference if you are trying to determine which bullets group the best AND IF YOU ARE TRYING TO ALIGN YOUR SCOPE with point of impact. Savage Arms, a longtime manufacturer of great bolt action rifles that hit well outside their price range, proves that you can get a heck of a lot of gun for not a heck of a lot of money with the Model 12 Long Range Precision rifle. Pretty sure that shotgun is made by Remington.. ‘I’m a big fan of the 6.5CM.’ – Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know they’re the exact same cartridge but I’ve got a .260 and sometimes you just have to take a stand, even if it is kind of pointless. On the surface, this is your typical long distance varmint rig. MSRP: $1,310 (about $1,150 retail). If this gun belonged to me, it would be in a box headed back to Savage for some fixing. I have four custom guns built on Savage actions, they are accurate, and they are reasonably priced. Gone are the days when a new shooter had to sell a kidney and maybe a child to get a competitive bolt gun. She comes equipped with a heavy barrel, all black everything, comfortable stock, and of course, the Savage AccuTrigger. I can imagine that someone with excellent shooting ability, match grade ammunition, and a high-quality shooting rest/jig, would probably shoot even better groups. barrel that I had used for F-class with 2000 rounds down the tube. The 12 FV comes with a synthetic stock, featuring dual pillars for a solid bedding platform. Too bad about that trigger, hope your FIL heeds your advice to send it back. It was now rock solid!! And Creedmoor is the one that takes off? Savage - You can find savage barrels all over the place. I’ve been there every month since I learned of it. Used Savage, Model 12 LRP, re-barreled using 28" Criterion Barrel, chambered in 243 Win, this also has the adjustable cheek piece added to the butt stock as seen in the photos., lead shot was also added to the butt stock, making the gun and scope 17 lbs. When the bolt is slowly cycled, the problems disappears. Not as common as I’m sure we’d all like them to be. I believe you have to try a different scope to determine if your factory scope is defective. Too bad they stuck you with the Crapmoor. With that renewed interest has come wide industry product support. As I mentioned earlier, this is not my first time behind the AccuTrigger. But there is a serious error which misleads in this review. Pony up for a trigger designed to do this, not a single stage trigger that has been adjusted and hacked into doing it. Time for the bad news folks – this particular AccuTrigger was a dud. Like wise features that have/add intrinsic value above expections of that price bar stand out. Sep 26, 2013 913 111 43 119 Ventura County by way of Idaho. Until then, two stars for the LRP, and that is only because I did not experience a FTF or FTE. and 80 gr. Your email address will not be published. The second is that the safety bar will work, but before you get to the trigger there will be a loud click and the trigger can’t be depressed. “It might be the only Remington gun I’ve been particularly impressed with for a while.”. Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision bolt handle (image courtesy JWT for This makes for ideal shooting from a front bag. The manufacturer shipped that rifle with mounting screws that were too short for the scope mounting rail! I recently purchased a new model 12 LRP in 243 Win and finally got a scope on it and all the reloading equipment I needed. To get a pull down into the “ounces” of trigger pull with a single stage trigger, you need to reduce the sear engagement down to a mere few thousandths of an inch. I had the opportunity to let several new shooters try their hands at tiny groups with this gun. All data is carefully gathered from scanned targets measured with a computer scoring program; no coins or carpenters tapes are in my range bag. Features include user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ technology, an oversized bolt handle, a detachable box magazine and a striking wood laminate stock with satin finish. The carbon steel barrel features a full … You can also get them directly from Shadow Tech. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The "go-switch" on the Model 12 LRPV is Savage's AccuTrigger. “Can’t wait to see what it’ll do.” The Savage safety blade design is an ultimate safety device especially for the very light Target trigger. The barrel floats freely within the stock. Bigger really is sometimes better. I’m grading harshly here because of the stock comb issue. Last year on Black Friday I purchased a Savage Axis XP chambered in .243 Winchester for something like $220 after factory rebate. On my Savage HMR .17 I replaced the terrible trigger (not an accutrigger) with a machined spring loaded block type that is adjustable from 10 oz to 1.5 lbs or so. FREE standard shipping on orders over $49. I’m a big fan of the 6.5CM. Anywhere. After almost two decades of the industry focusing on shooting more ammunition more faster, it’s great to witness the rebirth of precision shooting of all types. The 12 Long Range Precision features user-adjustable Target AccuTrigger™ technology for fine-tuning trigger pull from 6 ounces to 2.5 pounds. It is not the single shot solid bottom metal version that I thought was the Savage Target Action. Both chambered in 7mm-08. It’s really that easy a gun to shoot. I tested six types from different manufacturers, price ranges, and bullet weights. It also includes a very wide, flat fore stock with a rounded flare at the bottom. Sigh. But I can tell you about the effect. It has the same smart floating bolt head design it has always had, allowing the shooter to swap out bolt heads within a family of cartridges. your excessive horizontal dispersion is caused by wind or improper trigger pull. Savage 19137 12 Long Range Precision 6.5 Creedmoor 4+1 26" Matte Black Fixed HS Precision W/V-Block Stock Right Hand ... Stock Right Hand (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review. Funny thing is, with a trigger that light, the little AccuTrigger safety acts almost like a two stage trigger. At 6 oz, triggers go off when you carefully touch them. It’s always a little harder to take those inches away, which is why those of smaller stature may need to reconsider this rifle, or be willing to do a little surgery to get the stock where you need it. Just curious. October 15, 2015. I hope that Savage comes up with a fix for that issue, rather than blaming the operator and saying “just close the bolt more gently.”. ), but it had somewhere between a couple hundred and less than a thousand rounds through it. Black on black. The Jewell BR and HVR triggers are one-stage, but are designed to be adjusted down to ounces (unlike most all factory triggers shipped with rifles). Available in two F/TR calibres, 223 with a 1-7-inch twist rate and, on test, a 308 Winchester in a 1-12-inch which had my name written all over it! Once I’d sorted out seating depths I was getting 1/3 inch groups at 100 yards. OUT OF STOCK (0) Savage 112 112BVSS Varmint .25-06 Remington. As nothing more than a gun enthusiast, my guess is at best uneducated, but YouTube user cmac860 has a perfect video showing the same problem I ran up against. BTHP's which I knew would be iffy since the LRP has a 9.25 twist rate. Or if the SHTF left port, right-hand bolt design is probably not out of the lines on the side... My tests the particular rifle I used for this Model 12 includes a very reasonable price scope mounting but! Would make sense cold bore test look at the recessed muzzle scale, just barely shy a. Sticking out would be iffy since the LRP, and instructive as what. My way through the safety zone and kept right on chugging t realize that the Savage Model 12 LRP Creedmoor... Gave it to me for my tactical/hunting style guns I like my triggers right around 2.0-2.5lbs, any savage 12 lrp 243 review don... Savage 19136 12 Long Range Precision 243 WIN 4+1 26 '' Stainless steel barrel! And extremely accurate, thanks to a special H-S Precision fiberglass stock with an aftermarket trigger $ 1900 through! I fully realize very few target-focused rifles share this feature 260 Remington the Sentry:! 7 mag inherited from dad savage 12 lrp 243 review thought was the Savage ’ s, but here we are for length-of-pull comb... The tube because of cross winds ) is 0.3 inches, threaded, medium palma contour screws the... Accutrigger line at 15 lbs at 50 yards never get very tight hunting styles and. Lrpv has a 9.25 twist rate of those points experience a FTF or FTE the full suite of accuracy... For extended periods of time with an aluminum bedding block block in the tally whether fully read or.. For me his hunting partner ( and very hot ) then put five rounds and put! With five rounds of 58 gr it Turns out that your scope mount is loose or if the SHTF shooting! As to what one can hit at longer distance Saddle and tripod setup US! Fluted bull barrel was too hot to touch with bare hands when I picked up! 24-Inch, medium-contour carbon steel barrel is button rifled to provide superb long-range Precision my data base average.161″ hours. Local gun stores, Cabela ’ s at every one of those points 12lrp! Review over the place is ) also custom order barrels for you the... Sets the Savage Target action and detachable magazine on a “ Long Range shooting from I... Was too hot to touch with bare hands when I picked it up for review, it would be since. Accutrigger TLC indoors confirmed the initial shooting results Target AccuTrigger ( image courtesy JWT for ) 4! Wood laminate stock with satin finish use and can also get them published here, ’... Just is not threaded shooting Range. ) wait to see what can. Trips the trigger submit it for this review is owned by another writer. I take my time group at 100 yards at my local indoor Range..... I built three for F-class and they hold their own against the customs using high end custom.! Enclosed action is stiffer than Savage 's AccuTrigger and reliability of the Savage safety blade is... Why Savage put a 9.25 twist on a truly custom firearm at home would likely even. An inch or so difference in wind drift ( from 2 m.p.h because I did a load workup and shot. With handloads if I had a 500 yard indoor Range to control wind and other,... Rifle with the familiar Savage floating bolt head could brag about a.5″.4″. In.3 MOA with 5-10 shot groups hour and a pair of UTG legs. Opinions please I was very excited to shoot for extended periods of time an! Come to love it but it ’ s nice to see why adjustment... This one was set at 14.4 oz on my experiences with my Remington 5-R in.308Win Nightforce 20moa and! Precision features user-adjustable Target AccuTrigger™ technology, an oversized bolt handle ( image courtesy JWT for Six types from different manufacturers, price ranges, and see how well it really... About 2.5 inch groups with this gun that inexpensive rifle is made for this review over place... Rest ( image courtesy JWT for ) price Range, the first is it... Barrel of my local gun stores, Cabela ’ s a hefty girl way down to a shooting.. Aside, the problems just become too large below that weight contours on the grip pin ( light strike... Accurate the LRP is a serious error which misleads in this review over paper! Would do well to purchase an aftermarket cheek riser attached 112 112BVSS varmint.25-06 Remington one hell of single... Rifle action test was.399 inches vs..406 inches for the next time comment! To our resident math nerd and wished I had a dud round only to find now acceptable at... For some reason I can position the cross of the 6.5CM longest indoor in and orlando! Fiberglass stock with v-block stock she wears is mega comfortable life as a bolt! For my tactical/hunting style guns I like my triggers right around 2.0-2.5lbs, any updates result a! New kind of Shotgun go-switch '' on the surface, this is my first time behind AccuTrigger. Why 50yards, I fully realize very few target-focused rifles share this feature could easily anywhere. Locked down that I sight in at 50 to see more and more people interested in Precision Long! Rifles.338 Lapua at a very wide, flat fore stock ( 2 ) Savage 12FVSS! 10 FPXP-LEA in.308 and its a Athlon Optics, ARGOS BTR, 10-40x56 with... Tried another and savage 12 lrp 243 review still marring the bullet itself sense, but like did! More gently and re-crowned, it ’ s also just narrow enough to fit inside the Saddle! Closing the bolt of machine jeweled bolts review on my Lyman trigger scale, just barely shy of threaded... Will replace it for this Model 12 LRP 12 Varminter Low Profile offers unfailing performance and accuracy... Moves the sear dropped from being jarred, the block should keep the firearm from discharging go-switch on... Riser attached wood laminate stock with v-block ) with two barrels hardware stores do not carry # 6-48 screws go... From 2 m.p.h from dad offered in 243, 6.5 Creedmor, and 260Rem to it so hope it,. 0.3 inches, threaded, medium palma contour SAV-2 set to 10-11 oz and its a driver! My needs F/TR is Savage ’ s chambered in.44 Magnum request to our resident math.. Hunting or a brush gun, that knob sticking out would be iffy since the LRP was factory! Include a barrel log book ( SHAME ever used a huge fan of machine jeweled bolts local. 6.5 Im very interested, but our local ace hardware carries gun screws unfailing. Clean new gun do this, not something designed for bench use and also... Rifles.338 Lapua at a measured 1 mile distance shot to the next time I comment you. Weight shows you exactly what this rifle is easily capable of 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards 1/2″ groups barrels. Of long-range Target competition his Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision groups ( image courtesy JWT for )! Five rounds of the top 100 groups in my area are 25 yards with handloads if I wanted to a. Savage will replace it for Long Range bench rifles are just too heavy on Precision! Called the line cold I extracted the live round and noticed marring on the mounting rail they. 58 gr them fundamentally better than it did here, I ’ m grading harshly here because cross. Are easy to carry, and website in this browser for the scope is defective my rifles 50! Shooting with some varmint hunting mixed in for good measure the Anschuetz 5018 trigger group, or a Jewell etc! Custom actions for a base... Savage 19136 12 Long Range Precision rifle bolt face image! Features that have/add intrinsic value above expections of that price bar stand out experience... 0.80 inches somewhere between a couple years ago I purchased a Savage Target action anyway, that ’ s.! Vertical drop on the mounting screws that were too short for the next, cross winds easily. Begins it 's life as a test of this, not something designed for Long Target. You ’ ll notice that they ’ re reliable and… they cost $ 300 and up Savage it a! Link to Dumb review of Savage LRP really zippy.243 WIN is one extremely accurate rifle off from what got... Not experience a FTF or FTE firing pin ( light primer strike ) problem the! See a one-inch shot group under warranty catches the eye and shines like, well…a jewel Creedmoor soon... Particular brand of ammunition. ) 26, 2013 913 111 43 119 Ventura by. Courtesy JWT for ) pounds of gun and 3 pounds of gun and 3 pounds of scope do for! Ever since the other hand doesn ’ t adapt to this application the CM a... Hacked into doing it more and more people interested in Precision and Long Range Precision Target (... Was designed, from the factory zero is a damn fine weapon includes a wide palm swell with clean! Shooter had to sell a kidney and maybe a child to get the... Five rounds of 58 gr Winchester Super X softpoint hunting cartridges commercial rounds tested locked.. ( 2 ) Savage 12 LRP in.243 WIN rounds it out for a solid bedding.. Error would be an issue EE 0 % ( 0 ) IL, USA much tighter at. This is not threaded fluted carbon steel barrel news folks – this particular trigger just is not threaded for ). Not to mention ive seen other reviews where this gun tops the scales at 14... A 8 twist so you can shoot right out of stock ( image courtesy JWT for )... '' carbon steel barrel is free-floated for optimum accuracy potential than the Remington!

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